June 8, 2018

Ten Things you can (and should!) outsource in your business

Outsourcing for Creative Entrepreneurs: 10 Things You Can Outsource in Your Creative Business


Outsourcing for Creative Entrepreneurs

“Outsourcing” is such a buzz word in our industry right now… for good reason! I was resistant to outsourcing for so long. But lately I’ve been letting go of business tasks that are not dependent on my own skillset.

I know my biggest strengths in my business: years of experience behind the camera. My love for connecting with people at our sessions. Experience as a teacher and a heart for education.

But I’ve also come to recognize the tasks I can delegate: editing. web design. even housekeeping!

And here’s another important shift in mindset: you can also outsource tasks at home. When you’re a creative entrepreneur, the balance between work life and home life is a thin line to walk. It might actually be more helpful for you to outsource things like housekeeping, cooking, or grocery shopping—tasks that take up time in your life when you could be earning money.

These are the top three tasks that top my outsourcing list:

    • Finances. Y’all. I cannot say this fast enough: hire an accountant! I’ll confess: I DIY-ed my finances for years (and learned some lessons the hard way—aka, the costly way) before biting the bullet and hiring a professional accountant… I only wish I had done it sooner! Save yourself the time and headache of tax season by letting someone with experience do it for you. It’s worth every penny.


    • Editing. Photographers: outsourcing your editing could be more attainable than you think. Yes, it is an investment… but how long does it take for you to edit one gallery? What could you do with that time added back into your life and workflow? Could you book a whole other session with that time? If so, it might actually be a smart financial decision for you!And let’s get over our pride (myself included): It’s easy to think “only I can edit the way I do.” But guess what? There are people out there who may even be better at editing than you are! You could learn a thing or two from your editor along the way.


    • Web Design. How much time have you spent tinkering with your website? If you don’t truly love web design, hand it over to someone who does! (I’m so excited for my new site to launch—you’re going to love what Bonnie helped me bring to life!) Make the investment for an outstanding website that you won’t have to constantly update. Not to mention—a professional design will immediately elevate your brand and attract the right clientele.



And that’s just the start! If you want to get my complete list of the top TEN things you can outsource today, join my list here!

I’m in! Give me that list!


Letting go of tasks within your business is tough. Outsourcing for creative entrepreneurs is never easy! But with every opportunity to outsource, just weigh the cost/benefit: what can you do with the hours added back into your life when you’re not editing or book-keeping?

If you could bring more income, more time, and more joy into your life… why wouldn’t you?

Will you join me? Take the leap of faith and take a good look at the areas of your business that do not bring you joy (and, if we’re honest, maybe you’re not that good at). It isn’t easy to take that first step, but it’s worth it. You and your business will be much happier for it!


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