I’m a photographer, encourager, cat mom, and bloody mary enthusiast. My mission is to capture your story with heart and authenticity. I believe in putting people first—always. Some people might say I use too many abbreves or drink too many cups of coffee, but I just don’t think that’s possible.

That’s my better half Tim over there. The beach is where we got married, and it will forever be my happy place. My bags are usually packed for my next flight, and I love to travel… but here’s the real secret: there’s nowhere I’d rather be than in our cozy living room, with our two cats curled up by my feet.

Let’s get to know each other. Like, really know each other. If we’re going to be working together, I want to make sure we’re a perfect fit! So let’s get this party started.

hi, friend! I'm laylee

"Laylee takes the time to truly get to know you and forms authentic, long-lasting friendships. You will have her full attention as a photographer, but more importantly you will have her genuine interest in and appreciation for your life and interests. You’ll notice it in the moments she is able to capture, and the way she is able to draw out the best in her subjects. She’s always up for an adventure and searches out unique venues and environments for her excellent images"

take it from those who know me best

"I love Laylee's heart for others. Her work is fueled by a passion for making others feel connected, loved, and valued. I admire her authenticity: she's not afraid to voice her opinion or dig into the tough topics... but she does so from a place of compassion and a desire to connect. Her ability to make connections is a one-in-a-million quality. She can make anyone feel loved and heard—whether it's a friend sharing a mug of coffee (let's be honest, it's at least our fourth cup of the day), a client in front of her camera, a student in her classroom, or a whole room full of people yearning for inspiration and authenticity."

take it from those who know me best

- Sarah
Friend, Designer and Fellow Bloody Mary Enthusiast 

– Margot
Past Client and Senior Mom

average cups of coffee per day (estimated)

Current playlist: khalid
(on repeat)

2019 Destinations

waco, TX
washington, DC
phoenix, AZ
Ontario, Canada
Louisville, KY
bermuda run, nc
austin, tx


lep's furry friends


ron's our ginger cat... but he's really more like a dog. he's friendly and affectionate, will greet you at the door, and will follow you around the house.


Luna's a little shy but super sweet! she's a little crazy and keeps us on our toes (you can catch her on insta at #ourlooneyluna)!






we might be friends if...

 I’m not even embarrassed about it: I’m a total cat mom. Tim and I are obsessed with our cats Ron and Luna (Harry Potter, anyone?). If you’ve ever talked in your pet’s pretend voice, or tucked a cat into bed (complete with a goodnight kiss)... I already know we’ll be friends.

Bonus points if your mugs feature smart-mouthed quotes, adorable cats, or anything Texas. And we’ll definitely be friends if you love to discover unique coffee shops filled with caffeine and character.

Your coffee mug collection requires more than one shelf

Friends often use the word “passionate” to describe me, and it’s the truth. I put my whole heart into everything I do, and I love to connect with people who are equally passionate about their own interests. Cheers to all the big dreamers out there!

You’re passionate about what you do



you love your furbabies like they're actual human babies

cozy candles and comfy blankets. Always.


tell me more!

Nerdy Marvel movies and cheesy romcoms.


tell me more!

Naps (like, all the time). Although funnily enough, I’m not really an early bird or a night owl!


tell me more!

Reading. But, judging by the number of books piled around our house… Tim might love books even more than I do!


tell me more!

The beach! Tim and I were married at the beach and it is truly our happy place!


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things i love

words people use to describe me

(i'm not crying, you're crying!)




now that you know a little about me,
let's take this relationship to the next level

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