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Ep. 021: masterminds & Education Formats with Hope Taylor

Hope Taylor joins us for another conversation around education and her experience with masterminds. Get all the shownotes here!

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Episode 022: instagram strategy with Tyler McCall

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Pitching Yourself as a speaker or educator


brand mini session: Catie ann Photography

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Ep. 017: the Enneagram in Life and Business with Sarajane Case

Sarajane of Enneagram and Coffee joins us to break down the enneagram, how to determine your type, and how to improve your relationships with it.

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brand session: b is for bonnie design


Episode 027: Increase your income with James and jess


Senior Session: Evie

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Welcome to the Blog! I'm Laylee: a photographer and educator for creatives.

Browse around for the latest podcast show notes, photography galleries, and actionable business tips.

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Episode 96: Health, Wellness, & Entrepreneurship: My Health Journey

Finding time to prioritize your health and wellness is tough as an entrepreneur, but I truly believe it’s essential if you want to run a not only successful, but sustainable business. Nearly 15 months ago, I decided to prioritize my health, hired a coach, and made some major changes in my daily life. In today’s […]

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Episode 95: Evaluating Your Year: Year End Audit

New years often feel like a fresh start, but only if we truly learn from the previous year. Let’s evaluate your year by doing a year end audit. In today’s episode, I want to walk you through three really important things you should consider when performing a year end audit in your business. Review the […]

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Episode 94: Authentic Social Media Marketing with Tyler Speier

Are you making authentic connections on social media with your audience? Tyler Speier joins me for a conversation around overcoming insecurities online, navigating the line between personal and professional, and how he connects authentically with his audience! Tyler Speier is a wedding planner, designer, and florist based in Santa Barbara, California. He and his team […]

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Episode 93: Building an Engaged Facebook Community with Elizabeth Henson

We’re all in Facebook groups based on specific communities we’re a part of or to help solve a problem we have, but does that mean that there are too many communities out there for us to start our own? In today’s episode, I’ve brought on the expert, Elizabeth Henson, to break down any barriers of […]

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Episode 92: How to Know When to Hire in Your Business

What does growing a team look like in your business? How do you know when it’s time? In today’s episode, I’m sharing three important questions you should ask yourself to determine if you’re ready to hire! Determining If It’s Time to Hire (1:35) Do you have enough inquiries and income to hire? (2:15) Do I […]

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