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January 15-17, 2024
Dallas, Texas

The Creative Educator Conference

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... but we're already excited for the next one! Join the waitlist for a conference where attendees will get hands-on, action based education. This is not your average sit-and-listen conference! 

If you're ready to level up your educational offerings, this is for you!! Coaches, Speakers, Course Creators, Event Hosts, and more... you're welcome here!! 

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Collaborate with the best leaders in the industry, to create impactful and profitable education in your business

Not sure if you're in the right place? If you...
  • Coach or mentor others in your industry,
  • Have an online product or course or have an idea for one,
  • Are passionate about your business growth and the growth of your future/current clients 
  • Want help mapping out next steps for your education,
  • And are ready to diversify your revenue streams or continue scaling your business... 

THIS IS FOR YOU! Time to show up for yourself; connect with your peers and industry leaders, and walk away with your own roadmap to your future plans! 

This is the Conference for up-and-coming Creative Educators who are ready to grow and established Educators who are dedicated to scaling and bettering their craft and current offers! 

The topics at conferences you attend are below your knowledge level?

You want to create or scale educational offers in your business?

You don't have the community of peer leaders and educators to support you?

do you feel like...

You're not alone.

Workshop your education ideas and help make them a reality.

Broaden your scope of what's possible for you as a growing educator. 

Connect you with a community who will be there for you long term, and who you can lead the industry alongside.

This conference is designed to...

We can do this - Together!

It's time to show up for yourself - not just for everyone else

Hit the ground running on your big goals, and you're tired of putting those dreams on the back burner... you just need a little guidance from the pros

If you're ready to...

This conference is for you.

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Hey, I'm Laylee.

Hit play to hear a little more about the vision and format of this conference, as well as the thought process behind it all!

I'm your host, and I'm so excited to get to work with you!

you don't want to miss this.

Imagine a conference where attendees don't just sit and listen...


I'm so ready for this!

... where they work alongside the speakers, leaders, and sponsors to walk away with concrete steps forward. Where they can workshop new ideas and get realtime feedback from speakers.

Where they can take the time to connect with speakers, on-site sponsors, other attendees and really build those relationships. 

And where they can truly improve their craft and learn how to best share their content in impactful and profitable ways.

At The Creative Educator Conference we believe that industries thrive when experts can share their knowledge well.

And we can help you get there.

What are you waiting for?

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Coming Again in 2024!

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