Will you be joining us in 2024? We can't wait to welcome you to this in-person, intimate, attendee-focused conference! Focusing on community,  leadership, profitability, and hands on learning, this event is tailored to rising speakers and educators in our industry.

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The Creative Educator Conference

Dallas, Texas

January 15th–17th, 2024

The Creative Educator Conference

Join us for a conference where attendees will get hands-on, action based education. This is not your average sit-and-listen conference! If you're ready to level up your educational offerings, this is for you!! Coaches, Speakers, Course Creators, Event Hosts, and more... you're welcome here!! 

Dallas, Texas

January 15th–17th, 2024

Collaborate with the best leaders in the industry, to create impactful and profitable education in your business

Not sure if you're in the right place? If you...
  • Coach or mentor others in your industry,
  • Have an online product or course or have an idea for one,
  • Are passionate about your business growth and the growth of your future/current clients 
  • Want help mapping out next steps for your education,
  • And are ready to diversify your revenue streams or continue scaling your business... 

THIS IS FOR YOU! Time to show up for yourself; connect with your peers and industry leaders, and walk away with your own roadmap to your future plans! 

This is the Conference for up-and-coming Creative Educators who are ready to grow and established Educators who are dedicated to scaling and bettering their craft and current offers! 

The topics at conferences you attend are below your knowledge level?

You want to create or scale educational offers in your business?

You don't have the community of peer leaders and educators to support you?

do you feel like...

You're not alone.

Workshop your education ideas and help make them a reality.

Broaden your scope of what's possible for you as a growing educator. 

Connect you with a community who will be there for you long term, and who you can lead the industry alongside.

This conference is designed to...

We can do this...  together!

Hit the ground running on your big goals, and you're tired of putting those dreams on the back burner... you just need a little guidance from the pros

If you're ready to...

This conference is for you.

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Imagine a conference where attendees don't just sit and listen...


I'm so ready for this!

... where they work alongside the speakers, leaders, and sponsors to walk away with concrete steps forward. Where they can workshop new ideas and get realtime feedback from speakers.

Where they can take the time to connect with speakers, on-site sponsors, other attendees and really build those relationships. 

And where they can truly improve their craft and learn how to best share their content in impactful and profitable ways.

At The Creative Educator Conference we believe that industries thrive when experts can share their knowledge well.

And we can help you get there.

Laylee Emadi

I'm so excited you're here, and I'm truly thrilled to provide a space for community and connection between sponsors, educators, and attendees!

I've created this conference to reflect my experiences not just as an entrepreneur, but as an Educator who went from the classroom to the creative industry. Becoming an influential and profitable educator in an ethical way is something I'm passionate about teaching others! 

This event is the first of its kind, and I'm excited to create this path with amazing leaders, sponsors, and attendees by my side. 

Meet the Host

Our Speakers

We are so proud of our Educator lineup! They were carefully selected to lead this event, as they truly believe in our vision; that industries thrive when experts can share their knowledge well.

Dawn Richardson


Danait Berhe


Ashlyn Carter


Hope Taylor


Ellen Yin


Brittney Suttle


XayLi Barclay


Natalie Franke


Laylee Emadi


Akua Konadu

From Invisible to In-Demand with Video
A Seat at the Table:
Strategies of the Wealthy

Scaling as an Educator with Digital Products & Partnerships
Dissect My Highest Converting Funnel: 
a Behind-the-Scenes Look at my Strategy
Speaking Topic Name Goes Here This is a Topic Area
Your Thought Leadership Unleashed: Crafting Content that Inspires Action
Leveraging AI as a
Creative Educator
Conference MC
Becoming a Sought-After Speaker; Visibility from any Stage
The Power of Being
an Educator

Ty Wilson

Using Corporate Sales Strategies to Scale as a Creative Educator

CEO & Friendly Tech Expert, Tech Savvy Creative

Dawn Richardson

Dawn is a software engineer turned wedding photographer who loves to help Creatives streamline and optimize their business. Technology can be intimidating, and it’s Dawn’s goal to make tech fun and easy to understand. She will show you how systems, tools and other technology can take your business to the next level while achieving that balance you’ve always dreamed of!

Chief Evangelist at HoneyBook

Natalie Franke

Natalie Franke is an author, community builder, neuroscience nerd and mama bear for small business. As one of the founders of the Rising Tide, the Chief Evangelist at HoneyBook, and author of Built to Belong, she leads tens of thousands of independent business owners while fostering a spirit of community over competition around the world.

Founder & Podcast Host, Cubicle to CEO®

Ellen Yin

Ellen Yin is the founder & podcast host of Cubicle to CEO®, a media company creating financially transparent content, live events, and education empowering women entrepreneurs to pursue what's possible. Ellen quit her corporate job without a backup plan and bootstrapped her first $300 client project into $2 million in revenue by age 28. Through her online programs, Ellen has mentored more than 10,000 students.

Storytelling Strategist and Social Media Educator

Akua Konadu

Akua Konadu is a Storytelling Strategist, Educator, and Podcast host who empowers and equips entrepreneurs with personalized storytelling strategies that seamlessly integrate with their brand and elevate the message they are always meant to share. As a former Miss Minnesota, Akua learned the power of storytelling through sharing her own story to connect with others and the amazing impact that can have when building your business. She finds joy in helping entrepreneurs find their voice and show up in a way that attracts their ideal clients and aligns with who they are so they can sell their offers with ease.

Workshop style education

Sit down with these industry leaders to get their insights and walk away with...

We're not just sitting and listening to motivational words. Each session will be taught workshop style - so you leave with a roadmap and action steps to take!

time with the speakers 

Unlike other conferences, this was designed to be intimate enough to ensure attendees get to actually talk to the speakers and to each other!

perfect your pitch 

What's stopping you from being selected to teach? You'll get to work on your pitch and make sure you're putting your best foot forward to be seen!

Develop your marketing strategy

Our Speakers will help you craft your marketing plan and provide insight on how to make your education profitable.


We are here to make your next steps happen. If you're a speaker, that means getting to work on your talk.

on-stage practice**

*limited to 5 spots

5 attendees will have the chance to practice their craft, add value to the conference, and receive critique from judges as they take the stage!

The Creative Educator Conference is the first of its kind. The small workshop environment is one of the most inclusive and supportive events I've ever been a part of. Each session was very practical and with lots of candid advice and strategies that were applicable for educators in any online space. The energy of the each speaker and attendee was so welcoming and generous. I left with lots of action steps and new friends. If you're looking for an event where you'll learn practical strategies for both novice and experienced online educators, where you can learn and share, and where you can make new connections that go beyond handshakes and small talk - save your spot for this ASAP.

- Grace Griffith

Peek into the conference with a vlog from our past attendees!

Sponsored by

Some things to look forward to...

Not only will you get to attend every class with every speakers (thats 9 sessions), you'll also get the chance to work with speakers on panels for QandA, and during small group time!

Incredibly valuable education from our speakers

We will keep you fed, and when we break for dinner on our own I'll be sharing a list of great local restaurants. You can grab a group of friends to keep the conversation going OR if you're an introvert like some of us, you can order in and have a chance to rest and recharge!

Breakfast, Lunch, and allll the snacks!

...or you can grab an airbnb with friends, or stay at any of the other many hotels in Dallas! There's a list of recommendations below!  The perk of staying at our recommended hotel is late night lobby chats and transportation to and from the conference venue! The hotel room block is first come, first served so grab your room asap!

A discounted room rate at a hotel (coming soon)...

What to do in Dallas

1601 Chalk Hill Road • Dallas, TX 75212

*If you are staying at the Omni Hotel, you can ride our shuttle bus from the hotel to the venue in the morning and back in the afternoon.

Our Venue: The Schoolhouse

  • Black Ship Little Katana. The casually elegant restaurant features sushi, Japanese and traditional Korean dishes along with a creative take on American fare.
  • Cafe Herrera continues the tradition of the Herrera family, fusing heritage with contemporary Mexican food and classic cocktails.
  • Hops & Hens serves up thoughtfully prepared chicken tenders and sandwiches made with a unique brine 
  • Pegasus Pizza is a timeless New York style pizza spot with a local, classic and creative flair. 
  • Texas Spice captures the true flavor of Texas with an emphasis on local ingredients and southern style offering a twist on hometown classics.
  • The Owners Box at Omni Dallas Hotel has a full-service bar and authentic menu; sports bar.
  • Nearby: Check out Deep Ellum! Favorite restaurant there is Postinos, followed by Ice Cream at Jenis

Where to eat near the Omni

*The shuttle bus will depart from the Omni promptly at 9:15am and will pick up at The Schoolhouse by 4:30pm.


Best coffee shops

*If you need to check out of your room on Wednesday morning and don't have time to store your luggage at the hotel, feel free to bring your luggage with you; we can store it at the venue until 4:30!

Quick Tip:

Things to see

Neighborhods to Explore

What are you waiting for?

Uplevel your career

Let's Get This Party Started 🎉

General Admission


access to all education sessions
a welcome meet and greet on Monday night,

breakfast, lunch, and snacks on both days
access to the shuttle service from the Hotel where we have a room block rate for attendees (optional)
swag  🎉🎉🎉

LEt's do this!

VIP Admission


everything listed under general admission
reserved preferred seating in the main room
(3) three weeks of access to office hours with Laylee (1-1 voxer and email access where you can ask any questions, get critique, etc) after the conference to continue implementing what you learn (a $900 value). 

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We are just so excited to welcome you to Dallas!!

Need to get in touch? Email us at hello@layleeemadi.com 
We're here for you!
VIP swag 

Add-On: 5 Min Lightning Talk


B-roll video for your speaker reel


Topic MUST BE APPROVED and must add value to the conference attendees! 
5 Minutes on the Main Stage to present
For Speakers who want first hand practice and critique!
critique of your talk from a panel of 2-3 speakers

5 Images of you on stage for your own use
A note on our organization’s values; as a woman and minority owned business, we value inclusivity and diversity in all we do. We are so proud to create this event with our core tenets of integrity, inclusivity, community, and diversity. We want to ensure that all our attendees hold those same tenets in as high of a regard as we do. 
Payment Plans are available at checkout!! 
Save your seat for just $299 today!!! 

It's time to show up for yourself - not just for everyone else

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a mentoring program, mastermind, or live event. Will this still be beneficial for me?

YES. Practice what you preach; continuing Education is so important!  If you want to make sure that your students and clients keep coming back to you, and if you want to continue to make your current offers the best that they can be, this method is for you. Are you confident that your students are seeing success, or do you want to lean in and continue bettering your programs!

Do you have recommendations for where to stay and get dinner, etc?

Absolutely!! We have secured a discounted room rate at a nearby Hotel in Dallas, but there are also many other hotels and AirBNBs available—that's the beauty of Dallas! 

For Dinners, there are a ton of great restaurants nearby that you can get with a group and go to, or if you are an introvert (like some of our staff) you can easily order in! You won't have much time to feel lonely, because the days will be full of together time (and if you stay at the Hotel, you'll likely catch the crew hanging out for post-dinner chats)! 

I'm nervous to call myself an "educator." Is this Conference for me?

Absolutely. This conference is designed to equip you with the teaching tools you need to share your knowledge with confidence and clarity. Because our Speakers will be teaching workshop style, the content can be applied at any level.

I don't know anyone attending... and I'm nervous about it. 

I totally get it, as an avid conference attendee. But I promise you this; if you show up ready to make friends, you 1000% will. Community and relationship building is one of the most valuable parts of any in-person event, and our team is being super intentional about facilitating that for you! To sum up; don't be scared, we've got you covered!!

How many people will be attending? Is it going to be overwhelming?

We are capping attendees at under 100 people!! This is because as an Educator, our founder Laylee Emadi believes in high speaker to attendee ratios, and intimate hands-on learning experiences. 

What if I can't make it after I sign up? Can I get a refund?

Tickets are non-refundable but they are transferable (transfers are the responsibility of the attendee). Just email us with the person you transfer ownership to. 

Do you offer Payment Plans? 

YES! You can save your seat for $299, and then make payments on your own schedule with the final balance due on December 1st. Just head to checkout and select the deposit option!

I don't have a clear plan for the new education I want to offer. Or I'm in a transition period. Should I wait until I have a plan to attend? 

 I don't want to be aggressive but THAT'S WHY YOU NEED TO ATTEND. Thats the point of this!! Not just to scale, to strategize, etc… but to find clarity through conversation with peers and leaders!!!

I consider myself a leader already. Do I really need this? I probs already know it all.  

Look, real talk. I confidently consider myself a leader and educator. To me, that means I need to show up even more, continue my education with more passion, and grow my community with even more intentionality than anyone else. I need to be a humble learner, set aside hubris or ego and GET MY EDUCATION ON. Do you agree? Cool, see ya there ;)

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