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how to start a podcast

Podcasting 101: The Mini Course

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Mentoring 101

Ready to book your first mentor session? This mini course has everything you need to create an effective session that is guaranteed to make a lasting impact on your students. Unlock my tips on booking / onboarding, prepping, and follow-up for an effective session!

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how to get featured

The Podcast Pitching Guide

As both a regular podcast guest and a podcast host of my own show... I've learned a thing or two about putting together a polished and professional pitch that will get you BOOKED on your favorite shows! Learn what to do (and what not to do) if you want to be featured on a podcast.

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Dolly DeLong Education & Photography


"I am so grateful I took the leap to purchase Laylee's Podcast Pitching Guide. This gal KNOWS her stuff about podcasts and she literally walks you through from start to finish what you need to know to successfully pitch yourself to Podcast hosts to grow your brand awareness! I love how strategic and purposeful this guide is, and on a visual level, it has a gorgeous layout as well! Thank you so much Laylee, you are truly a gem in our creative industry!" 

-Dolly DeLong (Dolly DeLong Education & Photography) 

Emma Christine


Mentoring 101 is a holistic intro to taking your first steps to mentoring! Laylee covers absolutely everything you need to know from determining *what* subjects you’ll teach, to how much to charge, and how to set up your mentoring session for success! Laylee goes through each part step-by-step to make becoming a mentor something that you can start doing now! I loved how everything was broken down into bite sized pieces and that there’s a workbook I can print out and check off items as I go!

Everything you need to know to host a successful mentor session

Mentoring 101

Thinking of becoming an educator but not sure where to begin? 1:1 mentoring or coaching is a great way to get started. I'm releasing the first module of my Creative Educator Academy as mini course, so you can get access to everything you need to know to host a successful mentor session!

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how to get featured as an expert on your favorite podcasts

The Podcast Pitching Guide

Want to establish yourself as an expert and expand your audience by getting featured on top podcasts? Download this guide to pitch yourself like a professional and avoid common mistakes. (Did I mention this guide includes easy fill-in-in-the-blank swipe copy!?)

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The Hiring Guide

Hiring people is a huge step in growing your business—but it's all about hiring the RIGHT people. Follow my step-by-step process to create a strategic job listing, navigate a successful interview process, and send professional offer / rejection emails... allowing you to build a team that can take your business to the next level.

just what i need!

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