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I'm laylee: photographer, encourager, and passionate educator

Laylee Emadi is an educator with a heart for serving others. She believes in people first—always. Since she started her business in 2013, Laylee has served the creative industry with heartfelt encouragement, tell-it-like-it-is honesty, and a shared pursuit of the ever-elusive “balance.”

With nearly a decade of experience in Education, Laylee has unique teaching expertise and a passion for educating others. She’s a connector with the distinctive ability to bring people together over heart-to-heart communication… and she isn’t afraid to dig into vulnerable topics like imperfection, inclusivity, and burnout. 

Laylee would be honored to speak at your next conference, or to see you at one of her own workshops! Read on to learn more...


connect: @laylee_emadi

what I'm about

actionable education mixed with a dose of humor and heart

I believe in delivering education in a way that empowers those listening. The lecture mindset can leave people feeling isolated or deflated, but delivering actionable education doesn't have to make an audience feel overwhelmed! 

I love to meet my audience where they are, in a space where there is no hierarchy. Where we can learn from one another, and be open and honest about what can help us grow.

popular session topics

preventing burnout

Becoming an educator

dance workshop

finding balance and productivity without losing your passion

transitioning into the role of Educator; because industries thrive when experts share their knowledge

helping women embrace their bodies and set free into creativity through dance and self expression

popular settings

podcast guest

small groups / breakouts

Keynote speaker

I love a good, open conversation! being a podcast guest is always pleasure; and hosting my own podcast is rewarding as well!

small group settings make me feel right at home, with the classroom vibes! i believe small group speaking should be interactive and personal.

from the tangible to the inspirational, i love to mix personal storytelling with motivation for my audience to walk away ready to take on the world!

past speaking engagements

Helping others succeed is a passion and calling for me; I so look forward to creating impact at your event! 

What to expect

I'm an open book.

I don't hold back from sharing my own mistakes etc. awesome things you provide in your speaking engagement style. I don't hold back from sharing my own mistakes etc. awesome things you provide in your speaking engagement style. 

I love community. Like, really love it.

I've been on the other side: over the years, I've attended many in-person workshops, retreats, and conferences. As much as I value the educational content, I know that speakers and breakout sessions are only half of the experience.

The other half happens in between sessions and on lunch breaks and at happy hours after the event: community. Real connection with real people. When I have the honor of speaking at an event, I'm fully committed to the community around it. You can always expect me to show up at the non-required after-hours events, sharing in community and walking away with new friends!

After the event, you KNOW I'll be sharing about all the details over on Instagram! I love to keep the community going even after our suitcases have all been unpacked.

I might break out my "teacher voice," just kidding. sort of.

I spent seven years as a high school teacher, and the years leading up to it teaching in several different classrooms. If a room full of high school kids teaches you anything, it's how to keep an audience engaged. I'm confident in presenting to a room full of people, and I have plenty of expertise designing a classroom experience... (and I also really love worksheets / handouts so everyone has a tangible takeaway from our session!).

so here's the thing...

Sometimes I dish out a little bit of tough love. Don't worry, I always deliver it with kindness and humor! But I'm a huge believer in telling people the truth they need to hear. I believe that even tough truths can be delivered with both honesty and kindness... and we can all walk away better
for it.

"thank you for your incredible dance workshop and for being an example of someone who leads with confidence. I have always struggled with self esteem and body image, and your workshop was the first time I felt sexy and free. thank you for giving that to me"

dance workshop attendee

kind words from past audiences

"Laylee instilled confidence, dropped practical and applicable education,
and left me feeling inspired"

event attendee

kind words from past audiences

"please bring your beautiful love and dancing soul around the world. your passion is so infectious for dancing and you made me feel so at home dancing. hands down, it was genuinely my absolutely favorite part!

dance workshop attendee

kind words from past audiences

investment details

Laylee's Speaking Rate begins at $1500 (travel expenses are not included, and are billed separately).

Due to the custom nature of each speaking engagement, investment is determined on a case-by-case basis taking into consideration the number of days needed and the role of speaking requested.

If you're ready to get started, contact Laylee for a custom quote based on your event needs!

to get started...

I would be so honored to be a part of your event! Contact me to reserve your event date and to coordinate the speaking engagement!

With love, Laylee

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