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I equip creatives with the resources and community they need to take their businesses to the next level with confidence.

Coach for Speakers and Educators

Hey friend, I'm Laylee—

Educator / Speaker / industry encourager

I believe in putting people first—always.

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Some people might say I use too many abbreves or drink too many cups of coffee, but I just don’t think that’s possible. My husband Tim is my better half. The beach is where we got married, and it will forever be my happy place. My bags are usually packed for my next flight, and I love to travel… but here’s the real secret: 

There’s nowhere I’d rather be than in our cozy living room, with our two cats curled up next to me.

I started out as a high school teacher: I loved being in the classroom, designing curriculum, and connecting with students. It wasn't easy to leave my teaching job when I founded my  business, but I felt a pull on my heart toward the life of a full-time photographer. Since 2013, it's been a joy to capture emotional moments, happy memories, and empowering portraits.

My story...

But as I grew in my business and the industry, I noticed a gap. A lot of creatives were getting into education... but there were no resources to equip them with the training on how  to teach. I brought my passion for teaching full-circle, and now work with creative educators to help them create effective curriculum design for their own students and to take the stage with confidence!

I'm passionate about...

Equipping educators with the training they need to teach effectively

Creating space for every voice to be heard and every story to be told

Empowering other creatives with the tools to up-level their businesses with confidence

Sharing my expertise and my personal story as a speaker on the big stage

Sharing my experiences at in-person events (where we can connect face to face!)

My cats Ron and Luna, who are the true loves of my life (obvi...sorry, Tim).

“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.”

– PT Barnum







average cups of coffee per day (estimated)

Ron's our ginger cat... but he's really more like a dog. He's friendly and affectionate, will greet you at the door, and will follow you around the house.

Luna's a little bit shy but super sweet! She's a bit crazy and keeps us on our toes (you can catch her on insta at #ourlooneyluna)!

Current playlist

a little tswift, a little khalid, a lot of throw backs

Travel Destinations

washington, dc
Nashville, tn
cancun, mexico
denver, co
phoenix, az
austin, tx


a day in my life

My Travel Essentials

(because my bags are always packed for the next trip!)

Accessories: trusty sunnies, airpods, and blanket scarf (because why are planes always so cold?!)

Essentials: phone, camera, and speaking notes (I always review during my flight!)

Coffee: iced, please! Yes, it's probably my fourth cup today. No judgment.

Honestly, it's a lot! Like you, I'm a multi-passionate creative: I'm an educator, speaker, and more. I don't buy into the myth that you can only do one thing successfully. I love every part of what I do, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

What I do...



If I'm not working, my favorite place to be is poolside with a bloody mary in-hand (extra garnish, please)!

As an educator, I host online courses and in-person events to empower creatives with the training they need to up-level their businesses.



I feel passionate about sharing my expertise and my story with other creatives, whether from the big stage or in a smaller break-out setting.



Since 2019, I've loved hosting the So, Here's the Thing Podcast - from solo episodes to candid conversations with the best of the best!

Educator / Speaker / Photographer / Cat Mom

Are you a multi-passionate creative too? Then you're in the right place! Let's connect and build your business!

/  Friend, Designer, Fellow Bloody Mary Enthusiast

Sarah ERickson

"I love Laylee's heart for others. Her work is fueled by a passion for making others feel connected, loved, and valued. I admire her authenticity: she's not afraid to voice her opinion or dig into the tough topics... but she does so from a place of compassion and a desire to connect. Her ability to make connections is a one-in-a-million quality. She can make anyone feel loved and heard—whether it's a friend sharing a mug of coffee (let's be honest, it's at least our fourth cup of the day), a client in front of her camera, a student in her classroom, or a whole room full of people yearning for inspiration and authenticity."

/  Friend, Photographer, Mentee, Next Level Staff

Sami Kathryn

"Laylee helped me refine my workflow, dream about ways that I want my business to grow, and develop tactical steps to achieving those goals. Laylee is so thoughtful in her advice and feedback, she has a unique ability to press into the hard (and sometimes scary!) parts of business, and her openness and vulnerably in sharing her experience is refreshing and encouraging. Even after our mentorship session was over, Laylee has continued to challenge me and champion my work. She is constantly providing new resources, creative content, and meeting me where I’m at to equip me with tools to encourage growth."

Take it from those who know me


From one creative heart to another...

Why? Because I've seen it in action. I'm not just talking about my own career path—because trust me, that had plenty of trial and error along the way. I believe you can do this, because I've watched my own students implement these strategies and up-level their businesses into sustainable, profitable income. But it's more than that. It's not just about making more money... 

I believe you can make an impact.

It's about financial freedom. Confidence. Impact. The work we do as educators is so important because it begins an amazing ripple effect. It creates waves of impact, not just for our students, but for their students after that. You can make an impact too—all you need is the training and confidence to get started.

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