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Interested in becoming an educator? Good for you! Our industry is full of opportunities to make an impact through education... but you may not have the training you need to be equipped as a top-notch educator.

Maybe you have the heart to serve—and the knowledge to back it up. But how can you ensure that you are also an excellent teacher? This course helps creatives take their zone of genius and turn it into impactful education... without any prior training. Sound like something you need to take your career as an educator to the next level? I can't wait to see you in class!

An online program teaching you how to teach

The Creative Educator Academy

Learn how to market yourself as an educator, speaker, mentor, or coach

Gain the confidence and skills to produce quality content in any industry

Create effective curriculum guaranteed to impact your students

Turn your Zone of Genius into impactful education within your industry

Diversify your income and become a profitable educator

– You're a creative with a heartfelt desire to educate others within your industry
– You dream of scaling your business with long-term sustainability and income
– You hope to pay it forward by monetizing your hard-earned knowledge
– You yearn to position yourself as an expert within your industry

I see you...

You have a heart for teaching the next generation of creatives. You want to earn more, work less, and build a sustainable business.

As a former high school teacher and curriculum designer, I'm here to bring education training into the creative industry!

That's exactly where this course can change your career—and your life.

You have a dream of becoming a successful educator... but you don't know where to even begin. Entering the educational sphere feels daunting. You have the heart and the knowledge... but what about the teaching skills? You need help knowing where to start—and a guide along the path to success in the educational realm.

What Can The Creative Educator Academy Do for You?

I was an educator long before I was a creative. In my seven years as a teacher and curriculum designer, I gained experience in educational training—experience that can help YOU become a better educator in your own industry!

 In this course, I'll guide you through my tried-and-true 5-part system for creating educational content: The Expert Education Method. This signature process will take your zone of genius and turn it into impactful education. I can help you become a powerful educator through tailored training that equips you to share your heart with the world—without any prior experience. 

join us inside the academy!

Are YOU ready to become an expert educator?

Stop holding yourself back

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I can not recommend Laylee’s course enough! It’s incredibly comprehensive and helps you structure your education in a way that is going to bring your students the best and lasting results! She is an incredible teacher and helps you craft an intentional educational experience whether you’re launching mentoring sessions or dreaming of becoming a speaker. The course offers incredible knowledge on so many great topics so if you eventually decide that you want to expand your offerings, this course has you covered! It's also a resource that I know I'll come back to time and time again as I slowly continue to expand on my educational offerings!

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I am so thankful to have The Creative Educator Academy as my guiding resource throughout my path toward becoming a creative educator! This program is so much more than a surface-level tutorial to content creation; instead, it goes much deeper into how to teach. Because of that, I now feel equipped to offer quality education in any format—from 1:1 mentoring sessions to larger scale membership programs and future courses. This program doesn't just help you produce quality education... it helps you become a quality educator. If that's not a rewarding return on investment, I don't know what is!

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The Creative Educator Academy has completely blown me away! Laylee has helped me find the heart behind my business and given me the direction I need to get into education. Not only is she so knowledgeable on this subject, but she is also so sweet and kind. Laylee has this fantastic ability to take a 7 minute video and use it to change the entire way I view my business. Of all the courses and educational content I purchased in 2019, this was by far my favourite and most valuable! Laylee boosted my confidence and helped me book my first speaking gig at my favourite conference!

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*Not sure if this retreat is for you? Please reach out! Together we can find whether or not this experience would be beneficial and a good fit for you. Get in touch here!

The photographer, designer, florist, or artist who hopes to teach their skills to other creative entrepreneurs.

The creative who can't wait to host their own in-person events: workshops, retreats, and mentorships.

The creative who envisions an online course that can impact their students—and their income.

The aspiring speaker who dreams of inspiring others through the spotlight on the big stage.

The Creative Educator Academy is for...

the experienced creative who yearns to impact the world through education.

Curious about what's included?

Take a peek at the syllabus...

unit one: Creating Captivating curriculum

This is the core of a great educational offering: a well-designed curriculum. You will learn how to design an effective baseline curriculum method—equipping you to help any student succeed through a tailored and goal-oriented process.

unit two: Creating
a mentoring program

Mentoring is a great place to start educating: the one-on-one environment allows you to practice teaching and implement a signature process. But where do you begin? How can you make sure your mentoring session is worth the investment—and protect it from being just a glorified coffee date.

unit three: in-person experiences

Workshops, retreats, and other in-person experiences are incredibly rewarding, but they can also be a challenge. How can you reach multiple levels of skill within one classroom setting? In this unit, you'll learn how to tailor your teaching style to impact all levels.

unit four: masterminds
and group learning

Thinking about hosting a mastermind, group coaching program, or other type of group learning? This unit will cover everything you need to know about designing curriculum for this type of setting—including creating accountability, hosting online calls, and leaving an impact on every student.

unit five: Speaking engagements

Maybe you have dreams of speaking on a stage—inspiring and motivating others with your story. But how do you even get started in the educational sphere? How do you land a speaking engagement, prep for a topic, and leave a lasting impact on stage? I'll guide you through all of it!

unit six: courses + online teaching

You asked for it—and now it's here! Unit Six is an all-new module covering the basics of online course creation and teaching. Learn which platform is right for you, how to record your videos, and (most importantly) how to effectively teach to an online audience.

personalized digital workbook

every unit includes a

Where you can take notes, fill in the blanks, and design your own curriculum in a guided step-by-step process.

I totally get it. Imposter syndrome is real. And honestly, being an educator isn't for everyone. But if you have a heart for teaching and unique expertise to share, you can be an educator! All it takes is a little training. This program will help you uncover your "Zone of Genius" and teach you how to share it in a way that delivers value to your own students.

The Creative Educator Academy will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to call yourself an Educator with confidence!

I'm nervous to call myself an "educator." Is this program for me?

The program is designed to last for 5 weeks, with about 2–3 hours of content per week. I recommend following the program one week at a time to stay on track, but you can also take it at your own pace. You can also use the Facebook group to ask any questions!

You'll also have lifetime access to the course (including future updates!), so you can always go back to review anything you missed! Plus, you'll be in our Facebook group for ongoing content, Q&A, and community support.

How much time should I expect to invest in the program?

Frequently Asked Questions

The Creative Educator Program is backed by a 100% money back guarantee (so there is NO risk to your investment)—but I truly believe you won't need to use it!

However, if you do complete the full program along with the workbooks and truly feel like you have not learned to be a better educator, please email us with your completed course materials within 30 days so we can refund your purchase. We want to hold you accountable to doing the work so you can see the results!

What if I'm not satisfied with the course? Can I get a refund?

Guest Speakers

The Creative Educator Academy includes LIVE training with some incredible industry experts! When you join, you'll get access to our library of past experts—and you'll be able to join us on the live calls for these future guests!

Creating Innovative Content as an Educator

Kateyln James

authentic social media marketing

Tyler Speier

how to conquer speaking from the stage

Jess Ekstrom

Past guests:

launch strategy for new educational offerings

Shaundra Howard

technology for online digital education

Dawn Richardson

Vanessa Kynes: Pinterest Marketing
Sarah Erickson: Slide Deck Training
Ashlyn Carter: Sales Page Strategy
Paige Griffith: Educator Legalities
Kat Schmoyer: Marketing 

first steps to creating digital education

Megan Martin

Save your seat today and take the first step toward becoming a trained educator. Will I see you in the course?

Maybe you have big dreams, but you don't know where to start. What type of education is right for you? How do you design tailored curriculum that will help you stand out as a professional teacher?

Maybe you're nervous to take on the title of "Educator." You have the heart to share your knowledge with others, but it's scary to take the leap into the educational spotlight.

Maybe you're seeking sustainable income for your business: a long-term plan that can boost your income and serve others by monetizing your knowledge.

And maybe you have the heart of an educator, but you just don't have the training—yet.
If any of these sound like you, I have good news for you, friend:

Take the first step today: join me in The Creative Educator Academy!

I can help you with all of that.

Ready to up-level your career as an educator?

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