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How to Pitch Yourself for Speaking Opportunities

How to Pitch Yourself for Speaking Opportunities  Pitching yourself as a speaker or expert educator can be intimidating- but it doesn’t have to be! Whether you are reaching out to a podcast host (a great place to start speaking), an event organizer or coordinator, or considering starting a business as a professional public speaker there […]

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How I created my signature “What Type of Educator are You” Quiz!

So many people in our industry have the heart for education, but they just don’t know where to start. Do you have the confidence for on-stage speaking? Or do you work best in a 1:1 setting? Maybe you have the skills for online education… or the leadership ability for a mastermind group, in-person retreat, or […]

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Episode 018: Q and A with Laylee- Guest Hosted by Sarah Erickson

Welcome to So, Here’s the Thing! In this episode, we turned the tables and had guest host Sarah Erickson of Sarah Ann Design interview Laylee about all things education! We recorded this podcast episode with fellow educators in mind, as we gear up for the release of The Creative Educator Academy (a program designed to […]

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Small Business Owner Vacation | How to Take a Vacation as a Small Business Owner - Laylee Emadi


How to Take a Vacation as a Small Business Owner (without losing income or your sanity)

  This one is for my fellow bosses: I know what it’s like to see someone else’s Instagram stories while they are on vacation and feel like I’m not “succeeding” or keeping up. So I just wanted to remind you: when the comparison game starts to get super real, remember that you’re only seeing part […]

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Photographer Workshop - The White Sparrow Barn - Laylee Emadi


Photographers: Join me at the LEP Workshop!

Hey photographer friends!  If you’re seeking an incredible workshop experience, I’d love to see you at the LEP Workshop this February! Held at The White Sparrow Barn, we’ll gather for two full days of: business education personal growth and encouragement genuine community and support hands-on creative learning   Walk away with new friends, beautiful images […]

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Creative Community | How to Foster Community in Your Business


How to Foster Community in Your Business

Creative Community | How to Foster Community in Your Business When I first started in this industry, it honestly wasn’t very nice. There was a competitive spirit underlying every social interaction. It felt like everyone was looking out for themselves—and, if I wanted to succeed, I had to find my own way. The competition and […]

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