Photographers: Join me at the LEP Workshop!

Hey photographer friends! 

If you’re seeking an incredible workshop experience, I’d love to see you at the LEP Workshop this February! Held at The White Sparrow Barn, we’ll gather for two full days of:

  • business education
  • personal growth and encouragement
  • genuine community and support
  • hands-on creative learning


Walk away with new friends, beautiful images for your portfolio, and a full heart.

Learn more here.

I’ll be sharing my experiences (the good and the bad!) that have helped move me grow a profitable photography business over the years. I’m an open book: I’m here to answer any questions you might have about building a business, shooting your camera, communicating with clients… or anything else on your heart!

You’ll also hear from several incredible guest speakers who will speak to the behind-the-scenes business practices that can really help grow your brand. (learn more about them here!)

Photographer Workshop - The White Sparrow Barn - Laylee Emadi

Did I mention that all of this will be happening in The White Sparrow Barn?! There’s a reason photographers love to shoot here: the light is incredible! I’ve been lucky enough to shoot in this space several times over the years, but it just never gets old. This venue inspires me again and again, every single time. I hope you’ll get to experience the magic too!

I want you to imagine this time next year: where will your business be?

  • Would you feel more confident in your business if you knew the ins and outs of the booking process, client communication, and marketing?
  • Could you book more of your ideal clients with a portfolio showcasing incredible images at a dream venue?
  • Could you streamline your workflow with tips on organizing files as you edit and deliver galleries? 
  • Would you feel more financially comfortable if you were able to raise your prices? To work with clients who are SO excited to invest in your services?
  • Would you have more laughs, more support, and more encouragement with a community of supportive creatives?

If so, I hope you’ll consider this photographer workshop as part of your growth in 2019—it will do big things for you and your business!

I know education is a big investment, but I truly believe it is worth every dollar! This is an experience that will help you grow a successful photography brand: it’s investment in yourself, and I’m confident that your money will be well-spent on an experience like this.


From a previous attendee: “It really propelled my business forward… I thought I had a good handle on my business going into the workshop, but I left feeling enlightened and with a new group of friends who share similar passions. Her workshop was truly one of the highlights of my year…” —cue the tears!

Are you ready to have your business propelled forward in 2019?! Join us at the LEP Workshop! Click here to learn more and register (early bird rate is closing soon, so now is the time to save your seat!)


Just in case you’re still on the fence, here are a few images from last year’s workshop! (check out the full recap here)
If these aren’t portfolio-worthy, I don’t know what is! ????

So, will I be seeing you in February? I sure hope so! Click here to save your seat. I can’t wait to hug you in person!

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