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Episode 017: Utilizing the Enneagram in Life and Business with Sarajane Case

Welcome to So, Here’s the Thing!

In this episode, Sarajane Case of Enneagram and Coffee joins us to break down the enneagram, how to determine your type, and how to improve your relationships with it. Plus, she shares how you can utilizing your enneagram type for your business as an entrepreneur!

Sarajane case is a writer, speaker and podcaster based in Asheville, NC. She works with the enneagram to help people heal their relationship to personal growth. She can be found on Instagram at @enneagramandcoffee where she discusses the enneagram or her personal account @sarajanecase!

Get to Know Sarajane (1:45)

Breakdown of the Enneagram (3:38)

How Sarajane Mis-Typed Herself (5:25)

Leveraging Your Type in Business (11:13)

Understanding What You Need (16:16) 

Improving Your Relationships Using the Enneagram (19:30)
1. Understand yourself
2. Invite other people in to discover their type
3. Be compassionate

Unpopular Opinion on the Enneagram (22:11)


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