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Episode 016: Communications Strategy for Creatives with Lauren Carnes

Welcome to “So, Here’s the Thing!”

In this episode, Lauren Carnes joins me to discuss communication strategy in your business and how it directly impacts big launches for your brand. Listen in as she shares how you can find your brand voice, then create unique, yet impactful communication for your brand!

With a background in public relations and social media marketing, Lauren has always been a lover of telling great stories. For 6 years she worked alongside international brands including Nike, Airstream, the John Maxwell Company, and Chick-fil-A in defining unique elements of their stories and serving as their brand voice through digital, print, and in-person engagements. After launching a photography business in May 2014, Lauren began focusing on merging photography with brand messaging strategy by coaching creative and food-based businesses on aligning communications, marketing, & imagery. Now, as a Communications Strategist and Photographer she has the opportunity to pursue two elements of storytelling in business. When she’s not in the office, she can be found cooking, hosting friends or exploring new cities with her husband, Chip, her son, Oliver, and their fur-baby, Sophie.

Get to know Lauren (1:21)

Creating Sales Communications that Don’t Feel Salesy (6:17)
Start with your brand voice.

Finding Your Brand Voice (9:39)
Need help? Check out Lauren’s free resource here: bit.ly/positionyourpitch

Communication & Planning in Launch Strategy (12:53)

Communication Coaching Via IG DM(20:51)

Lauren’s Unpopular Opinion on Communication Strategy (26:48)


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