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Episode 015: Leveraging Pinterest for Your Business with Vanessa Kynes

Welcome to So, Here’s the Thing!

In this episode, Vanessa Kynes joins me to discuss the Pinterest strategies that you didn’t know your business needed! Listen in as she shares the tips and tools to generating more leads from your Pinterest, without having to invest a ton of time!

Vanessa is a Pinterest marketing strategist and educator for creatives. She helps creative small businesses craft traffic-generating Pinterest marketing strategies so that you can confidently run your creative business without babysitting the platform, and invest in the things you love about your work, your family, and your life.

Get to Know Vanessa Kynes (1:18)

Pinterest as a Platform for Introverts (1:59)

Getting Started with Pinterest: (5:32)
Create a business profile
Claim your domain
Analyze your content and blog

Strategically Utilizing Pinterest (9:13)

Common Mistakes You’re Making on Pinterest (10:28)
Not getting your domain verified
Not using keywords correctly
Being inconsistent hurts you

Learn more about Tailwind, Tribes, & Smartloop (13:37)

2019 pinterest Strategies (15:11)
Start working with video on Pinterest
Create multiple pin images per blog post.
Connect Instagram, Etsy, & Youtube to your Pinterest Account

Tools for Pinterest: (19:47)

Vanessa’s Unpopular Opinion on Pinterest (20:40)

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