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Honeybook Review | get back more time

A while ago I wrote a blog post about staying organized and creating a schedule that helped get more of your time back and to keep you on track with your workload. I had no idea how many people would respond so well to that post, so I am trying to share as many tips as I can about the products and time savers that I use daily in my business! Lately, as I revamp my curriculum for my photography workshops and mentorships, I noticed I repeatedly mention using my favorite program for client management- Honeybook! I actually switched over to Honeybook last year from a different client management software that I enjoyed, but that didn’t quite have all the features I was looking for.

Let me be real for a minute about this magical time saver I’m telling you all about. When I started my free trial I had literally no idea what I was doing. I was used to the program I had already paid money for, and was nervous to put the time into learning something else. But once I got into the flow of using Honeybook, it has saved me so much time and streamlined so much of my client interaction. I can’t stress enough how much TIME it saves me, because at the end of the day, what we all know and what I am constantly reiterating to every photographer I work with is that time is the only thing we don’t have enough of and is the one thing we all need more of!

I wanted to share the top 3 reasons I love using Honeybook, and I encourage you to grab a free trial of it here and test it out for yourself (for 50% off)!

Reason Number 1.  Their customer service is what’s up, ya’ll!! I mean seriously. You know when I mentioned that I had a hard time putting in the effort to learn how to use Honeybook in the first place? I spent a long time on the phone and screen sharing with the sweetest customer service rep in the universe, who basically got me all set up and showed me some great tips and tricks. And any time I panic about something, they are there in a heartbeat. Plus, they actually listen when we give feedback or ideas for new features and that makes me feel pretty awesome.

Reason Number 2.  Systems and templates for DAYS. I love love love me some templates. Email templates, questionnaires, invoices, contracts, brochures, the list goes on. And it’s all SO easily customizable so that I can alter things to fit my clients individually. **Added perk- it’s all so PRETTY. Before I switched over to Honeybook, I would always complain about how silly it was that I hated looking at an ugly screen every single day when I was working on invoices and contracts. Well, I take it back- it’s not silly. When you are paying for a service that you use daily, I believe it should bring you a little joy to look at it!

Reason Number 3.  My clients LOVE it. I sent over a contract to the parent of one of my dancers, and she literally asked me if she did it right because it seemed too easy. I’m serious, she texted me convinced she missed a step because it was too user friendly and she usually hates technology. Anything that is that easy to use for my clients makes me happy, because it’s one more way that I know I am serving them well and saving them time!

I definitely would recommend to anyone on the fence to head over and check them out with their free trial (and you can get 50% off your first month or year)!

I hope this review has been helpful, and as always I’m cheering you on! Now go kill that workflow, friend!

  1. Martha

    May 31st, 2017 at 11:09 pm

    “Their customer service is what’s up, ya’ll!!” Haha this has me cracking up, I can almost hear you saying it. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience! So lucky to have you as part of the HoneyBook & RTS family.

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