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Maddie | Dancer Session

Dallas TX Dancer Photographer | Laylee Emadi Photography

An in-studio dance session AND an outdoor session in that gorgeous golden-hour light? Umm, YES! Sign me up!

Maddie absolutely nailed it with this session, indoors and out. Her grace and strength are so impressive—and then her personality is just so sweet! We were able to capture a variety of poses both in-studio and outdoors… plus a few portraits along the way.

She brought elegance to every single click of the camera. And I’m dying over that classic pink tutu.

Maddie is so talented, and her graceful elegance reminds me of why I was drawn to dance in the first place. There’s a joy that I find in dance that is so unique: I think any dancer raised in the studio can relate! Even as a choreographer and dance photographer, the joy I get from actually taking a dance class myself here and there is hard to beat. 


Are you a dancer? Let’s work together! There is nothing I love more than preserving the art of dance on camera—and as a former dancer, I always work hard to capture your best pose. Let’s meet up soon and talk more about your vision for a gorgeous dancer session!!

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