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Episode 22: Instagram Strategy with Tyler McCall

Welcome to “So, Here’s the Thing!” In this episode, Tyler McCall joins us to discuss how you can master your own Instagram strategy. Listen in as he shares how to set your goals for Instagram and review your numbers to track your success!

Tyler J. McCall is an Instagram and social media marketer, strategist, and coach for creatives and online business owners. He teaches his students how to use Instagram with intention to grow their community online and grow their business. Tyler focuses on using Instagram and social media to tell stories, build relationships, and convert followers to fans, drawing from his 10 years of experience in non-profit marketing and management and community organizing. He’s taught thousands of entrepreneurs and managed dozens of Instagram accounts since getting into the online marketing game in 2015. Tyler is based in Asheville, where he lives with his partner Eric. When he’s not coaching or teaching, Tyler enjoys Target runs and road trips…that he documents on his Instagram Stories.

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Get to Know Tyler (1:58)

The Truth on Instagram Followers (10:33)

Setting Your Goal for Instagram (19:41)
1.  Generate Leads
2. Generate Inquiries
3. Selling via DM

Four Content Distributions (22:20)
*Most Important

How Much Should You Be Posting? (23:11)

How to Strategically Look at Your Numbers (24:15)

Unpopular Opinion (30:02)

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