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Episode 40: Leveraging Video in Your Creative Business with Joy Michelle

Welcome to “So, Here’s the Thing!” In this episode, Joy Michelle joins us to discuss how you can leverage video for your creative business! Listen in as she provides tangible advice for getting started with video, along with three videos you can start creating for your business today!

About Joy Michelle (1:23)

Who is Video for? (5:49)

Getting Started with Video (9:25)

Equipment to Invest in: Microphone 

Platforms to Share on: Youtube as a home base

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Ready to Start Filming (12:46)

Two Tips for Filming:
Start filming horizontal.
Create an outline: intro, core, outro.

Planning: Prompting vs. Outlined Bullets (16:10)

Start Leveraging Video Today: (19:26)
1. Brand Video – Introduction to you and your business.
2. Behind the Scenes Video – You doing what you do.
3. Educational – Position you as the expert.

Joy’s Unpopular Opinion (22:01)

Joy Michelle Photography on Youtube
Photo Boss with Joy Michelle FB Group

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