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Episode 006: Overcoming the Fear of Rejection with Carrie Grace

Welcome to “So, Here’s the Thing!”

In this episode, we’re joined by Carrie Grace to talk through the reason we fear rejection and how you can overcome that fear. Listen in as she shares some of her own stories of rejection, along with how she is constantly challenging herself to ask for more.

Bio:Carrie Grace is a motivational speaker who travels the country helping schools and companies create better work cultures and environments. She also helps people take big leaps of faith to get from where they are to the life they truly want. She teaches people how to go for the “big ask”, overcome the no, and find the dream YES!

Find it fast:

(1:54) Get to know Carrie.

(2:50) The importance of asking.

(6:43) Carrie’s lesson from her dad.

(9:11)Carrie’s story of rejection.

(14:14) Advice for rejection challenges.

(20:36) How to move forward after rejection.

(29:59) Unpopular opinion on facing rejection.


Imperfect Boss Camp – theimperfectboss.com




Overcoming the Fear of Rejection

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