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Episode 20: Pitching Yourself as a Speaker + Educator

Welcome to So, Here’s the Thing!

In this episode, Kat Schmoyer of Creative at Heart explains how she has approached selecting speakers and educators for all 9 rounds of her successful conference! Listen in as she shares some of her favorite and most outstanding pitches, along with what most conference organizers don’t want to see in your pitches!

Kat Schmoyer is a mamaprenuer, founder of Creative at Heart & wedding planner! With over 5 years experience in the world of small business, and 3 brands under her belt, she has grown her dream from a glorified hobby to a profitable business that allowed both herself and her husband to leave their traditional 9-5’s. She loves working from home with him & her son, has a slight obsession with things pink & could talk all day about #bachelornation!!

Get to know Kat (1:33)

What Kat looks for when selecting speakers (2:51)
Alignment of Brands
Content and Expertise

The Wrong Way to Pitch Yourself (8:02)
– Don’t pitch in a DM
– Don’t pitch in person

The Best Pitches (13:32)
– Include Video in Your Pitch
– Name-Drop Connections as References

The Worst Pitches (17:27)

Better Your Chances of Getting Booked as a Speaker (21:04)
– Make sure you have content on social to back up the topics you’re pitching.
– Be social with the conferences and retreats you’re looking at.
– Attend Conferences that you want to speak at and be strategic about them.

Kat’s Unpopular Opinion on Speaking (24:33)


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