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Episode 007: The Importance of Practice, Experience, and Critique in Success with Sarah Erickson

Welcome to “So, Here’s the Thing!”

In this episode, Sarah and I discuss how you can grow and find success through practice, experience, and critique from others. Listen is as we share our personal experiences and the different routes we took in our professional path to entrepreneurship.

Sarah Erickson is a brand and website designer for creatives. She creates polished designs backed with strategy and intention—making your brand irresistible to your ideal clients. Sarah started her business as a wedding stationery designer, but she has recently shifted her services to better serve the creative industry. Her studio is filled with refined typography, at least a dozen plants, and one boston terrier puppy named Mia.

Find it fast:

(3:10) Get to know Sarah

(5:26) Sarah’s academic background & opinion on the design school path

(7:09) Laylee’s opinion on not taking the academic route

(10:10) The importance of practicing your craft

(14:08) The importance of critique and constructive criticism

(19:30) Opening up to critique and criticism

Where to Find Sarah:





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