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Episode 009: Stress Management Techniques for Entrepreneurs with Emily Kurth

Welcome to “So, Here’s the Thing!”

In this episode, we talk with Emily Kurth about the overwhelm and burnout that entrepreneurs can experience from stress related to their work. Listen in as she shares 5 techniques you can incorporate into your life to better manage your stress.

Emily Kurth is the owner of Coco & June, a company dedicated to spreading positivity and kindness through art and lifestyle goods. Emily also hosts The Frazzled to Free Retreat, where she shares with entrepreneurs her 5 step plan to handle stress in a healthy and effective way. She lives in West Virginia with her husband and 3 boys & their dastardly dog named Augie.

Get to know Emily (1:32)

5 Stress Management Techniques for Entrepreneurs: (5:10)
1. Develop a morning routine. (6:10)
2. Meditation (7:09)
3. Movement of Physical Activity (8:19)
4. Self Compassion (8:55)
5. Social Support (9:37)

Can’t use all five? Try these three:
1. Develop a morning routine.
2. Medication
3. Self Compassion

Set Yourself Up for Compassion: (22:42)

Don’t Stress Out About Managing Your Stress (27:32)

Emily’s Unpopular Opinion about Stress Management: You need stress management in your life. (28:15) 

Coco & June – cocoandjune.com
Frazzled to Free Retreat
Tuesdays Together – risingtidesociety.com
Insight Timer App – insighttimer.com
Calm App – www.calm.com
Ten Percent Happier Book & App by Dan Harris Book –tenpercent.com
Stress Less, Accomplish More by Emily Fletcher 
Laura Foote – Creative at Heart – creativeatheartconference.com

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