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Episode 33: Tech and Tools for Creative Entrepreneurs with Dawn Richardson

Welcome to “So, Here’s the Thing!” In this episode, we’re joined by Dawn Richardson of Tech Savvy Creative to discuss the systems you need to add to your photography business to help organize and back up your work! Listen in as she shares the initial steps you can take right now to set your business up for tech success.

Dawn is a software engineer turned wedding photographer who fell in love with photography from a technical side. While she might not be developing web apps anymore, she’s found that her technical experience has been a huge advantage in building her six-figure photography business. She also learned along the way that the majority of creatives are downright terrified of the “tech” in their business. Important things like backups, automations, using tools and software effectively, computer and device maintenance and so much more are simply pushed to the back burner.

At Tech Savvy Creative, Dawn’s mission is to take those not-so-sexy topics and give creatives an easy to understand, step-by-step resource that allows them to confidently tackle their tech! Aside from running Tech Savvy Creative and shooting 30 weddings a year, she is a Mama to 10 month old Kendall Grace and a Wife to Andrew. She LOVES building her businesses (strong Enneagram 3 here!), but when she’s not working you can find her at Crossfit, searching for the best Margarita in San Antonio, or watching some terrible reality TV!

Get to know Dawn (1:14)

What to do right now to have tech success: (3:55)
1. Create a file system that works for you and maintain it.
2. Set up a backup system to secure all of your work in multiple places.
3. Find automation and workflow tools that work for you.

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Hardware and Systems (10:23)
Hard Drive vs. Solid State
Samsung Portable SSD T5
Lacy Rugged Drive
Backblaze (mirrors your device)
Dropbox (file storage)
Google Drive (file storage)
Map out your plans for backups and systems.

Dawn’s Unpopular Opinion on Tech (22:45)

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