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Episode 39: Visibility and PR for Business Owners with Danielle Bayard Jackson

Welcome to “So, Here’s the Thing!” In this episode, Danielle Bayard Jackson joins us to share when and why your business needs a Public Relations representative. Listen in as she explains how to prepare for PR and increase your visibility online, while also getting started with PR work on your own!

Danielle Bayard Jackson is the founder of TELL Public Relations, an agency dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs get the attention they deserve.

About Danielle (1:12)

Investing in PR (6:12)
1. It requires intention.
2. You can do it yourself.

Types of Social Proof (8:14)
1. Weekly production of content or blogs.
2. How to Ask for Testimonials
—What was their problem before?
—How did you solve the problem
—Where are they now?

3. Videos 

How Much Social Proof Do You Need? (13:44)

“We need to have the confidence of mediocre men.”

Pitching the HECK out of your business. (21:16)
H – Holidays
E – Expertise
C – Causes
K – Keeping It Local

Unpopular Opinion (30:20)


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