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Episode 29: Work-Life Balance with Amanda Warfield

Welcome to “So, Here’s the Thing!” In this episode, Amanda Warfield shares how you can organize your life and business by creating and sticking to healthy routines. Listen in as she discusses time management techniques, batch scheduling, and capsule wardrobes.

Amanda is wife to Russell and crazy cat mom to their two furbabies. If you’re looking for help with simplicity and organization, she’s your girl —simplicity lover, capsule wardrobe expert, time management coach, and host of The Live Organized, Live Simple Podcast. Most days you can find her curled up with a good book and a giant mug of coffee, daydreaming about Disney, or snuggling with her cats and husband. Her mission is to help overwhelmed creative entrepreneurs simplify and get organized in order to take back their time — because time is the one resource we can’t make more of. Amanda is passionate about helping women stop feeling like they are just getting by, and instead, guiding them in creating space for what matters most in their life.

About Amanda (1:26)

Capsule Wardrobes and Marie Kondo (6:38)

Simplifying Your Work & Time Management (10:20)

Amanda’s Batch Schedule:
Monday Morning – Marketing & Networking
Monday Afternoon – Coaching
Tuesday – Content Creation
Wednesday Morning – Content Creation
Wednesday Afternoon – Admin Work
Thursday – Goal Progression & Interviews
Friday Morning – Learning & Education + Planning for Next Week

> (opens in a new tab)”>Grab Amanda’s Freebie for Batch Scheduling >>

Important Routines
1. Have a set wakeup time.
2. Have a lunch break.
3. Have a dedicated work space.

Unpopular Opinion (22:49)


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