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Episode 019: Working with a Copywriter + Transitioning in Your Business with Kayla Hollatz

Welcome to So, Here’s the Thing!

In this episode, Kayla Hollatz joins us to discuss what it looks like to work with a copywriter that writes from the perspective of their clients, along with how you can find their voice as a copywriter! Listen in as she shares where to start before you’re ready to hire a copywriter!

Kayla Hollatz is a website copywriter who serves entrepreneurs better tell their stories and build trust with their people so they can confidently convert leads into sales. She’s passionate about using her business as a tool for generosity, specifically to support the restoration of sex trafficking survivors. She treats every piece of content like a new, exciting conversion experiment and can’t wait to chat with us today about website copywriting, content creation, and more!

Get to know Kayla (0:21)

Writing from the Perspective of Your Client (3:32)

Finding Your Voice as a Copywriter (6:16)

Where to Start When You’re Not Ready to Hire a Copywriter (8:45)

  1. Audit your website (Google audit checklists).
  2. Send your website to others who fit your ideal client description to audit. (Sweeten the deal by offering a trade).
  3. Read your content out loud vs writing on the page; then you’ll hear if it sounds like you.

Getting into the Mindset of Someone Else (12:39)

Shifting Mindset for Business (16:16)

Slow Growth Equates to Quality (19:44)

Unpopular Opinion on Copywriting & Business Growth (23:44)U

Take the brand voice quiz: kaylahollatz.com/brand-voice-quiz
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