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Episode 24: Balancing Motherhood and Business Ownership with Lindsay Davenport

Welcome to “So, Here’s the Thing!” In this episode, Lindsay Davenport shares how to approach finding a healthy balance between motherhood and business ownership. Listen in as she drops some hard truths on the reality of “balance” along with an unpopular opinion that we all need to be reminded.

Lindsay is a NM small-town-raised wedding photographer and educator now residing in the big city-Dallas, TX. She’s a mama 2 two kids, Luke (3) and Aubrey (10 months) and wife to Jordan, ICU nurse and handy-man/woodworker. She has online photography and Lightroom editing education for those who are wanting to sharpen their skills or learn a new one!

About Lindsay (1:47)

Finding Separate Between Parent and Professional (7:58)

Getting Started with Balance: (15:01)
Adjust to the idea.
Understand you don’t have to have it all figured out on day 1.
Know what you need to get done.
Figure out when things can fit into your schedule; set up chunks of time to get stuff done.

Healthy Hustle, Scheduling, & The Comparison Game (20:31)

Lindsay’s Unpopular Opinion: You’re not enough. You weren’t created to carry the world on your shoulders. You can ask for help. (25:32)

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