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Episode 23: Publicity and Getting into the Media with Dr. Tiffany Eurich

Welcome to “So, Here’s the Thing!” In this episode, Dr. Tiffany Eurich joins us to discuss how publicity through public relations can help build your brand and develop additional credibility in your business. Listen in as she shares how to get started, research publications and outlets, and develop pitches that will stand out!

Dr. Tiffany Eurich is passionate about helping entrepreneurs stand out in saturated markets by increasing their brand’s visibility, authority, and impact. Tiffany has a Ph.D. and over 20 years of experience in the communications industry, as a university professor, strategist, author, and the host of several TV programs. She’s slightly obsessed with high heels and anything research-driven, and when she isn’t helping clients create PR strategies or get confident in front of the camera, she’s probably trying to keep a sourdough starter alive, or working in the family vineyard (which she affectionately refers to as farming with a better publicist).

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Get to Know Tiffany (1:06)

Why PR Can Impact Small Businesses (9:07)

“Ads are what you pay for, publicity is what you pray for.” (11:07)

Where to Get Started with Press (14:10)
1. Get your website, press kit, and portfolio ready.
2. Consider if your business is ready for a lot of attention.
3. Understand what it is that you want to achieve in your publicity campaign (make it about your client).

News Hacking – Taking advantage of something trending in the news that you have work related to.

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Where & Who to be Pitching (23:42)

How to be Pitching (25:18)
1. Pitch your content one at a time.
2. Use their name.
3. Introduce yourself and the thing that makes you credible (education or features).
4. Highlight something that shows you’re familiar with their work.
5. Share what you can offer their audience.
6. Use a subject line that clearly describes what your story is about.
7. Share your contact information

The Follow Up (32:48)
1. 2-3 weeks later, follow up without making them feel bad.
2. Throw in an additional idea.

Unpopular Opinion on PR: (34:49)
1. Business owners think that if they’re good at what they do, people will notice—they won’t.
2. Publicity should be all about “look at me,” but the truth is, no one cares unless you’re a celebrity. People care about the story you have to offer and they service you offer.
3. You need to hire someone—but you don’t!

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Free Training: tiffanyeurich.com/laylee

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