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Episode 36: Boosting Your SEO with Galen Mooney

Welcome to “So, Here’s the Thing!” In this episode, Galen Mooney joins us to share a few tips to start improving your website’s search engine optimization, even if you aren’t super tech-savvy! Listen in as she shares what you should include on your homepage, tools you can use to measure success, and how to rank for multiple keywords!

Galen Mooney is an online educator and SEO strategist helping creative business owners attract their ideal clients online. She’s a self-taught web designer and photographer who fell in love with simplifying the technical side of SEO. Galen combines design best practices with the latest content marketing strategies to help business owners grow their audience and reach more of the clients they LOVE working with.

About Galen (1:23)

Why SEO is Important (5:08)

Getting Started in SEO (7:32)

1. Look at your homepage. Make sure to include:
Who you are?
What you do?
Where you’re located?

2. Connect the following tools to your website. (11:59)
Website Tools
Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Google Webmaster Tools

3. Utilize Your Blog and Focus on Blogging (13:59)
Mobile First Indexing (18:33)


Unpopular Opinion on SEO (20:49)


boosting your seo

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