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Episode 001: Breaking into Creative Education with Hope Taylor

Welcome to “So, Here’s the Thing!” In our first episode, we are talking with Hope Taylor about her take on breaking into Education for creative entrepreneurs. In this episode, Hope shares perspective on when to start offering education, how to set the groundwork for new offerings, and advice to those who dream of serving their industry through education.

Hope Taylor is a senior portrait and wedding photographer located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. She began her business at just age 17, and has now been a full time photographer for six years. She is an educator and speaker that regularly speaks at industry-leading events and hosts multiple sold-out workshops each year.

Find it fast:

(2:50) Get to know Hope

(6:45) How do you determine if you’re ready to start offering educational services?

(10:20) How do you lay the groundwork if you know you want to start offering education?

(13:55) The importance of launch strategy and preparing to offer education

(15:30) Three things you should think through before deciding to offer education

(21:50) Advice for those who are passionate about becoming an educator but aren’t sure where to begin

(25:35) Hope’s “unpopular opinion” on becoming an educator in the creative industry


Happy Hour with Hope

Where to find Hope:





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