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Episode 003: Attending a Workshop/Conference Like a Pro with Quianna Marie

In this episode, we will break down the action steps that Quianna has learned to take when attending an educational or networking experience. After years of attending countless workshops and conferences, Quianna has learned the best ways to get the most out of her investment.

Quianna Marie is a destination wedding photographer based in both the Bay Area, California + Phoenix Arizona. Obsessed with dirt roads, happy tears and helping creatives turn their passion into their profession.

Find it fast:

(3:25) How to decide what experienced to invest in

(5:27) How do you justify the time and cost of investment?

(9:00)  Once you commit to an experience; How do you make the most of your time there?

(17:05) After the experience, how do you determine your action list? What do you tackle first?

(20:30) Quianna’s unpopular opinion on attending workshops/conferences


Showit United (conference for photographers) – united.showit.co

Quianna’s Workshop Guide – bit.ly/howtoattendaworkshop

Where to find Quianna:

Instagram: @quiannamarie  




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