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Episode 011: Intentional Marketing with Shaunae Teske

Welcome to So, Here’s the Thing!

In this episode, Shaunae Teske sits down to chat about the importance of intentional marketing in your business. Listen in as she discusses the steps you can take to find your core values and approach intentional marketing in your business.

Shaunae is an award-winning, destination wedding photographer and small business coach/mentor who has built her business with intentional purpose. She first launched her photography business in 2011 at only 20 years old and quickly grew it to a sustainable, six-figure business within three years. After eight years as a wedding photographer, she has launched into her new passion – empowering women in business and helping them cultivate intentional lives.

Find it fast:

Get to know Shaunae (1:13)

What is Intentional Marketing? (4:02)

  1. Take your head out of the copy/paste space.
  2. Figure out who your audience is.
  3. Figure out the why in your business.

Defining Your Why and Becoming Intentional(7:24)

Defining Your Core Values (12:36)

  1. Mission Statement
  2. Manifesto

Shaunae’s Mission Statement (13:40)

  • “Here to help you cultivate an intentional life and build your most abundant business.”

Creating intentional Imagery (18:27)

Shaunae’s Advice on Building You Brand (20:51)

Next Steps: (30:08)

  • Put your “Why” somewhere that you’ll always see it.

Shaunae’s Unpopular Opinion on Intentional Marketing (32:13)







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