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Episode 012: Ask Me Anything with Vanessa Hicks

Welcome to So, Here’s the Thing!

In this special “Ask Me Anything” episode, Vanessa Hicks joins me to answer some of the most asked questions from our Instagram followers regarding Vanessa’s photography business and personal life! Listen in as she talks about managing anxiety, balancing children as an entrepreneur, moving your business to a new location, and growing your social media following!

Vanessa is a destination wedding and portrait photographer currently living in paradise in Hawaii! She just passed 5 years in business, photographing over 100 weddings, and prepping her business for its 4th move (Hello Military Life!) She is a mother, military wife, Navy Veteran, Starbucks lover, runner and a Disney, Harry Potter, and The Office fanatic! She comes from a Gryffindor household, even though a Slytherin (her husband), managed to snake his way in. Michael Scott is her spirit animal! When she’s not photographing a session, you can find her laying at the beach, taking in the smells of the ocean, relaxing with a book and a drink with an umbrella in her hand!! She loves running, and recently completed her 25th half marathon! You can also find her just watching The Office reruns….yes Netflix, SHE’S STILL WATCHING!

Get to know Vanessa (1:57)

Managing Anxiety & Self-Doubt (3:38)

Balancing Children & Entrepreneurship (9:23)

Tips on Moving Your Business (14:33)

  1. Do your market research on your new location.
  2. Update your SEO for your new market.
  3. Shoot for free to create the content you need in your new market.

Growing your Social Media Following (23:47)

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Vanessa Hicks podcast episode

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