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Episode 013: Maintaining your Business in Times of Crisis with Natalie Jayne

Welcome to So, Here’s the Thing!

In this episode, Natalie Jayne joins us to discuss what it feels like to experience tragedy as an entrepreneur and how you can prepare you business for when crisis strikes. Listen in as she shares advice on what she learned from her own experience and the steps you can take to maintain your business while experiencing a crisis.

Natalie Jayne, an almost-always-barefoot fine art Virginia wedding photographer based in Richmond. When I’m not photographing weddings or running my business you can find me outdoors, eating allll the food (huge foodie), hiking in the Shenandoah Mountains, volunteering at a local animal shelter, or dreaming up my next road trip! I value experience in life more than anything else, so it’s important to me to create a balanced business that doesn’t control my life.

Get to Know Natalie Jayne (00:52)

The Entrepreneur’s Lack of Accountability in Business (2:33)

Turning Your Failures Into Fertilizer (8:59)

Advice for Facing Tragedy (9:34)

  1. Take time off and set up your business to run without you (9:47)
  2. Outsource anything that overwhelms you (10:38)
  3. Prepare your business to run on it’s own now. (13:34)
  4. Create a workflow for your every part of your business (14:57)
  5. Get out of the house (19:46)
  6. Trauma has no timeline.  (21:01)
  7. Be honest with your clients if necessary, but don’t overshare. (21:58)

Natalie Jayne’s Unpopular Opinion on Sharing Your Trauma (23:27)


Maintaining Your Business in Times of Crisis

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