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Episode 27: Making More Money without Raising Your Prices with James and Jess

Welcome to “So, Here’s the Thing!” In this episode, James and Jess join us to discuss how you can make more money right now without raising your prices! Listen in as they share effective tips to continue to earn money, book clients, and build your brand right now!

James & Jess travel the world photographing luxury weddings & teaching fellow entrepreneurs how to thrive in business and life. Based out of sunny Santa Barbara ,they have photographed over 350 weddings around the globe over the past 14 years and strive to show others that this beautiful life is worth living each day to the fullest.

About James & Jess (1:33)

Are you doing all you can? (5:12)

Instagram: Outreach via DM to engaged couples (4:49)

Productivity vs. Wasting Time (7:38)

Selling Your Service/Knowledge (11:13)

Lower Your Entry Point: Deposit/Retainer Price (11:13)

To-Do: Write a list of 5 things that are extras or add-ons. (23:32)

Sales: Implement Albums into your workflow.

Unpopular Opinion: Quit bitching, put in the work, and seek counsel. (36:34)


making more money with james and jess

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