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Ep. 021: masterminds & Education Formats with Hope Taylor

Hope Taylor joins us for another conversation around education and her experience with masterminds. Get all the shownotes here!

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Episode 022: instagram strategy with Tyler McCall

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Pitching Yourself as a speaker or educator


brand mini session: Catie ann Photography

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Ep. 017: the Enneagram in Life and Business with Sarajane Case

Sarajane of Enneagram and Coffee joins us to break down the enneagram, how to determine your type, and how to improve your relationships with it.

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brand session: b is for bonnie design


Episode 027: Increase your income with James and jess


Senior Session: Evie

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Welcome to the Blog! I'm Laylee: a photographer and educator for creatives.

Browse around for the latest podcast show notes, photography galleries, and actionable business tips.

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Episode 45: Philanthropy and Small Business with Brooke Taelor

Welcome to So, Here’s the Thing! In this episode, Brooke Taelor joins us to to share about adding philanthropy to your business. Listen in as she discusses the importance of educating yourself on the charities you support, continuing to make an impact, and finding a balance when it comes to your investment. Brooke is a […]

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Episode 44: How to Know When It’s Time to Rebrand Your Business

Welcome to “So, Here’s the Thing!” In this episode, my dear friend Sarah Erikson joins us to discuss when you should invest in rebranding your business, along with when you shouldn’t. We even talk about the reason behind my recent rebrand, even though we both loved the brand design Sarah did for me a few […]

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Episode 43: Trailblazing: Being an Innovator in an Industry of Imitation with Katelyn James

Welcome to “So, Here’s the Thing!” In this episode, Katelyn James joins us to discuss how doing what everyone else in the industry is doing doesn’t always lead to success. Listen in as she shares how she believes you can avoid imitation by being an innovator in our industry. Katelyn James is a wedding photographer […]

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How to Pitch Yourself for Speaking Opportunities

How to Pitch Yourself for Speaking Opportunities  Pitching yourself as a speaker or expert educator can be intimidating- but it doesn’t have to be! Whether you are reaching out to a podcast host (a great place to start speaking), an event organizer or coordinator, or considering starting a business as a professional public speaker there […]

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Brand Mini / Lindsay Davenport

Today I’m sharing another gallery from my recent brand mini sessions (hosted at The Lumen Room)! Lindsay Davenport is a talented fellow photographer and such a gem! Even in our short time together, we were able to capture a variety of shots speaking to the different areas of her business. Take a look at the […]

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Brand Mini / Catie Ann: Baking

Catie has been a longtime friend of mine, and I’ve loved every opportunity to work together—from the very first LEP Workshop to each year’s Next Level Retreat! Catie is a talented wedding photographer, but before that she was actually a baker. She loves to connect with people over sweet treats, and wanted to take advantage […]

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