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Ep. 021: masterminds & Education Formats with Hope Taylor

Hope Taylor joins us for another conversation around education and her experience with masterminds. Get all the shownotes here!

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Episode 022: instagram strategy with Tyler McCall

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Pitching Yourself as a speaker or educator


brand mini session: Catie ann Photography

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Ep. 017: the Enneagram in Life and Business with Sarajane Case

Sarajane of Enneagram and Coffee joins us to break down the enneagram, how to determine your type, and how to improve your relationships with it.

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brand session: b is for bonnie design


Episode 027: Increase your income with James and jess


Senior Session: Evie

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Welcome to the Blog! I'm Laylee: a photographer and educator for creatives.

Browse around for the latest podcast show notes, photography galleries, and actionable business tips.

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Episode #80: Reflecting On My First Sabbatical – Laylee Emadi

My sabbatical didn’t go exactly as I planned, but I still made it happen! I’m back from my month-long sabbatical to share everything I learned in preparing to step away from my business for an extended period of time. Listen in as I highlight the positive things I took away, along with a few lessons […]

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hiring a social media manager

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Episode #79: Three Things to Consider Before Hiring a Social Media Manager

You know we’re big fans of outsourcing over here on So, Here’s the Thing, but I’ve recently come across a few experiences that I want to address. While I advocate for better time management, I also want to ensure you’re handing off your work to someone who is qualified for the job. In this episode, […]

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Episode #78: Common Branding Mistakes that Keep You from Consistent Clients with Bonnie Bakhtiari

Could your branding be holding you back from consistent clients and income in your business? Brand designer and strategist, Bonnie Bakhtiari, joins us to break down three common mistakes she sees in branding that are holding you back from those consistent clients! Listen in as she shares her experience with branding and the importance of […]

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Episode 77: How to Add Self-Care Into Your Work Schedule

Are you struggling to find time to take care of you because you’re so focused on your business? What if instead of treating them as separate things, you found a way to work self-care into your work schedule? In this episode of So, Here’s the Thing, I’m sharing three steps you can take to easily […]

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Episode 76: Deciding When and How to Pivot Your Business with Dawn Richardson

If you’re a multi-passionate entrepreneur, you’ve likely been faced with the idea of pivoting your business. Whether it means to expand your existing or completely transition to a new industry, there are a lot of decisions that come with that move. Dawn Richardson of Tech Savvy Creative joins us to walk through her experience in […]

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