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Ep. 021: masterminds & Education Formats with Hope Taylor

Hope Taylor joins us for another conversation around education and her experience with masterminds. Get all the shownotes here!

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Episode 022: instagram strategy with Tyler McCall

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Pitching Yourself as a speaker or educator


brand mini session: Catie ann Photography

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Ep. 017: the Enneagram in Life and Business with Sarajane Case

Sarajane of Enneagram and Coffee joins us to break down the enneagram, how to determine your type, and how to improve your relationships with it.

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brand session: b is for bonnie design


Episode 027: Increase your income with James and jess


Senior Session: Evie

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Welcome to the Blog! I'm Laylee: a photographer and educator for creatives.

Browse around for the latest podcast show notes, photography galleries, and actionable business tips.


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Episode 77: How to Add Self-Care Into Your Work Schedule

Are you struggling to find time to take care of you because you’re so focused on your business? What if instead of treating them as separate things, you found a way to work self-care into your work schedule? In this episode of So, Here’s the Thing, I’m sharing three steps you can take to easily […]

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Episode 76: Deciding When and How to Pivot Your Business with Dawn Richardson

If you’re a multi-passionate entrepreneur, you’ve likely been faced with the idea of pivoting your business. Whether it means to expand your existing or completely transition to a new industry, there are a lot of decisions that come with that move. Dawn Richardson of Tech Savvy Creative joins us to walk through her experience in […]

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event planning in a post-pandemic world

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Episode #75: Event Planning in a Post-Pandemic World with Kat Schmoyer

Over the last year, we’ve truly missed out on in-person events and conferences. As we slowly ease back into some sort of normalcy, we’re beginning to see more event planning happening in our industry! In episode 75, Kat Schmoyer, founder of Creative at Heart, joins us to share what impact and changes COVID brought to […]

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Episode 74: What A Mastermind Can Do for Your Business

Investing in your business is important for growth! I’m an advocate for continuing your education in order to move forward and improve yourself and your brand! In this episode, four of my current mastermind students join me to discuss their experience with investing in a mastermind, what they’ve enjoyed, how they’ve found success, and even […]

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over-professionalizing your content is slowing you down

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Episode 73: Over-Professionalizing Your Content Is Slowing You Down with Megan Martin

Do you have a product or service that you’ve been wanting to launch, but have it in your head that every single piece of it has to be perfect? This concept of over-professionalizing typically leads to launches being delayed, or worse, never happening. In episode 73, Megan Martin joins us to discuss how the creative […]

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cultivating a well-rounded life

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Episode 72: Cultivating a Well-Rounded Life with Geomyra Pollard

Are you prioritizing the most important and valuable components in your life? When you do, you’re committing to cultivating a well-rounded life that will propel yourself forward in every aspect of your world. Welcome to So, Here’s the Thing! In episode 72, Geomyra Pollard joins us to discuss what it means to have a well-rounded […]

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